Alan Mackay

Clients and Testimonials

Kate Mavor

Kate Mavor

Chief Executive National Trust for Scotland

"When we took Alan on the National Trust for Scotland was in upheaval and change and his support was invaluable. Negatives quickly became positives as he used his network of trusted media contacts to help us gain the coverage which put across a truer picture and restored the charity’s image."

Anne Farquharson

Anne Farquharson

Marketing Director
Henderson Loggie CA

“Alan’s experience and reputation within the media sector have proved invaluable, and he has helped to raise our profile on a national level. We have recently gone through a period of considerable growth, and Alan has ensured that our media presence reflects the size and reputation of the firm in the market.”

Alan Mackay and Louise Macdonald

Sam Sweeney

Bracewell Stirling Architects

“In the uncharted territory of recession and ever changing legislation on global warming we wanted our recent development successes recognised. Alan’s ability to understand our business and his reputation and valuable connections won a surprising degree of access to key media figures who published opinion and commentary from us. All this has raised our profile.” 

Gordon Mackay

Professor Gordon Mackay

Sports Surgeon

"I enjoy a good professional relationship with Alan appreciating his advice and guidance in every aspect of media relations. He clearly draws on the highly successful career he has enjoyed in journalism and I feel his gently reassuring manner in media relations flows from a confidence gained in that career."

Sid Patten

Sid Patten

Former Chief Executive
Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation

“I knew Alan Mackay would provide experience and contacts but his vision really made the difference. Alan’s personal authority and undoubted profile in the right places took us to new levels of recognition."

Doreen Walkinshaw

Doreen Walkinshaw

ENABLE scotland

"The success we had with Alan came from him knowing how to ensure business gains a good return from having a Corporate Responsibility strategy. He understands how CSR can be a win-win for charity and business alike. Alan also introduced us to the type of corporate partners all charities need."

Sam Sweeney

Richard Millar

Business Development Manager
British Waterways Scotland

"Alan has been an enormous help to British Waterways, Scotland - working with us for over ten years. He has a great ability to bring together brilliant footage and engaging words into a powerful story that can capture the hearts and minds of politicians, business people and local communities."

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