Alan Mackay

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Alan Mackay

Media Consultancy

Alan Mackay advises clients who want their activities reported positively in the media. Applying skills sharpened in journalism he remains a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

Crucial is a first - hand knowledge of how journalists work.

He discusses with the journalist when and where an article may appear – the right approach to increase the prospect of finding space.

Alan Mackay


Alan Mackay carries out Advocacy and Public Affairs work where clients require a credible ambassador in order to engage successfully with stakeholders. Many stakeholders will be people he has interviewed in the past.

He also wants his clients to be seen as good corporate citizens, and offers Corporate Responsibility advice when appropriate.

Alan Mackay

Media Training

Alan Mackay provides first - class media training designed to help people feel more confident about facing the cameras or speaking to journalists.

His corporate video company – formerly Eildon Films - is also now part of Alan Mackay Media. Talented camera crews and post production teams create strong, visual messages for clients.


Alan Mackay is an experienced chairman of conferences and business forums – believing that business leaders and chief executives welcome the opportunity to have someone of his profile refereeing the exchanges.